Do you have an idea for the perfect Lab but cant find an off the shelf solution? Let us help. We can customize a solution for you. If we do no not currently carry the sensors you would like for your lab, we can develop or source them for you.  We can also work with your students, or teacher assistants to build a course that best fits your needs.  

Ask us how we can help your lab offer a more interactive learning solution today!

Below is a list of courses we are currently working on.

  • INT-001 - This is an introduction to the QL BioDAQ hardware and software(Biomedical Workbench).
  • INT-002 - This is an introduction to the QL EZDAQ hardware and software(Arduino Logger).  We Acquire pulse data using QL 3471 Pulse Sensor.
  • INT-003 - This is an introduction to the NI MyDAQ hardware and software (Biomedical Workbench).
  • INT-004 - This is an introduction to the NI Elvis II hardware and software (Biomedical Workbench).
  • INT-005 - This is an introduction to the QL Arduino Kit hardware and software (Arduino Logger).


  • QL-001 - Data Acquisition Overview.  Resolution, Sample Rate, and how sensors work.
  • QL-001A - Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem a deeper look into sample rate.
  • QL-002 - Sensor Calibration and reading the sensors data sheet.


  • CAL-001 - Calibration, Zero Offset, and converting to a standard measurement.  A deeper look into sensor setup.


  • BP-001 - Introduction to Blood Pressure.
  • ECG-001 - Introduction to Electrocardiogram.
  • EMG-001 - Introduction to Electromyography.
  • PO-001 - Introduction to Pulse Oximetry.
  • SP-001 - Introduction to Spirometry.
  • GSR-001 - Introduction to Galvanic Skin Response.