Physiology Education


The kit includes everything you need to get your lab up and running in minutes.

  • 3 Channel DAQ that includes 1 Channel dedicated to ECG.
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • 0-7.25PSI (0-374mmHg) Pressure Sensor
  • Blood pressure Cuff
  • Galvanic skin response sensor
  • Spirometer 0-10L/s Flow sensor
  • Software for acquisition and analysis

Are you ready to bring your Biomedical class online?  We have specifically designed our kit for today's educational needs.  Our E-Learning solution offers a highly interactive experience for the student.  Let us help customize the courseware to your specific needs.

We have built upon the National Instruments Biomedical Workbench software.  This is a free collection of biomedical tools offered by NI.  Get started today by downloading the software and analyzing sample data.

We have worked out the logistics, so you don’t have to.  We ship the kit out with an included return label.  After the student is done with the course they drop it off at FedEx.  No more worrying about broken equipment and maintenance.  We thoroughly inspect each device after every semester.

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